While we're on the subject…

In a recent post, I suggested that the concept of insurance is itself proto-socialist in a way.  Jim Henley approached a similar view this morning, in the context of questioning attempts to define that away.

I’m fine with social insurance, prefer it in fact. I just don’t think “social” should, or even can, translate to state administration.  It’s a matter of principle and practicality for me, the practicality reflected in heading off the inevitable “your lifestyle costs The People too much” rationale for nitpickery to follow.


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One Response to While we're on the subject…

  1. vache folle says:

    I used to think that health care from the gov’t would provide a rationale for regulation of every aspect of our lives. I now realize that no additional rationale is required. The gov’t already claims to have authority over every detail.

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