When Jack Bauer has the night terrors, this is what he dreams of

Thoreau @ UO helpfully provides, for all those for whom the mere fact of its barbaric nature & its addition as yet another example of how deeply capital-B Bullshit the concept of “exceptionalism” is, a pithy summation of the multiple utility problems with torture as an interrogation tactic:

You can’t stop the ticking time bomb if you’re going to the wrong location because you beat an innocent goatherder until he said what you wanted to hear.

Given what we already know by now, it is unbelievable how, despite the irrelevance of such legally, the claim is still made that torture = results.  It’s never been about results, but rage, an institutionalized form of the type of rage exhibited in frustration by people who refuse to acknowledge their failure.  This pure anger is what lies underneath the words of the pro-torture talking heads, whether media, think tank, or the war criminals & profiteers themselves, and its reasoning amounts to collective punishment.  If they can’t catch Bin Laden then dammit, they’ll treat everyone they do catch like they’re Bin Laden regardless of how much or how little they themselves did, if anything.  Anybody who questions this?  Wimps, cowards, traitors even!

This kind of action provides the best promotion al-qaeda ever could’ve dreamed of, of course.  But lets not let common sense get in the way of a good old-fashioned indiscriminate cry for blood…


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One Response to When Jack Bauer has the night terrors, this is what he dreams of

  1. Vache Folle says:

    Torture is designed to extract false confessions which, outside of propaganda purposes, are fairly useless.

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