Smell the coffee

“We’ve replaced the fear of firearms ownership they’re used to with a pro-gun argument from the Left.  Let’s see if they can tell the difference…”

BTW: Before anyone barks, I’ve already explained before what I think of such displays.  My issue is obviously with the consistency of the sentiment expressed, not their right to express it.

Edit: Wow, I’m already getting accused of being not only a teabagger, but a racist troll.  Maybe I should’ve picked a different name for TPM, damn my boredom with having one web identity…

Edit: That went south quick.  Anyone know if TPM bans people?

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4 Responses to Smell the coffee

  1. Scott says:

    I came to anarchism from the right; meaning I first started with a (natural) rights-based view of individual liberty and free commerce, and only later realized that corporations were as much a state creation as anti-trust laws, and that businesses really don’t like competition and will use the levers of power to achieve non-market advantage over consumers and less established companies. That being said, I never understood the hysteria from the left over guns. Given that a perusal of history shows most violence against innocents is done by government, every self-proclaimed lefty should be a lifetime member of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership or the like.

    The comment from TPM that encapsulated that general feeling is:

    “If that is how you plan to protect your family, you obviously don’t believe in the rule of law. Who will you shoot first?”

    Everything the government did in Germany or the Soviet Union in 1942 was legal too. It’s like they are so close to seeing the problem with using force against others (guns are bad, mmkay), yet think that if only they could control a gigantic monopoly agency of force that continues to increase the influence it has over people’s lives, life would be increasingly better for all – and only government agents would be armed, because we all know they would follow the rule of law ( apparently meaning the law will always agree with their conception of the Good).

    I’ve read some right-leaning folk say that denying God has just led some on the left to embrace government as the Supreme Father and Security Blanket..and snark aside, I have to say there’s something to that. Rule of law? There is no such thing. There are just humans vying for resources, and in the end if you want to protect yourself from predation, you should use tools designed for the job. Will those tools sometimes be abused? Yeah, no shit. You have to deal with the reality you have, not the one you wish existed.

  2. b psycho says:

    I’ve suspected it was just cultural: “the rural hillbillies that blame everything on minorities love them some guns, so I’z agin ’em”. So the ease with which they dismissed the example I gave of armed lefty minorities was interesting…

    Saw on Balko’s site in the post about that mayor that broke up a robbery a particularly odd anti-gun argument emerge in comments. Here’s some quotes:

    If you’re a libertarian and don’t want government having the power to decide life or death (as I agree it should not), why would you grant that to all individual citizens?

    making guns legal for carry is an infringement on my liberty whether I choose to exercise that right or not, whether I’m a pussy or not, whether I’m a collective fallacist or not. It compels me to do something dangerous and counterproductive–carry a gun–if I want to balance the behavior of the next guy and preserve my own freedom, because I can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys unless the good guys wear a uniform and a badge.

    In other words, “guns = power, and everyone with a gun is a threat. Therefore, no one should have guns but the police. Otherwise, I’ll feel like I need one.”

    The gun is a tool. Hunting aside, you can either defend yourself with it, or offend others with it. Who chooses to do what & why is the true meat of the issue. You could have a complete arsenal and be a rather peaceful person, or vice versa you could just have a club and be a total asshole, it depends.

    For what it’s worth, I actually thought Radley was being a bit of a dick with that post.

  3. Tom H says:

    re: 2nd edit, you gotta do more tha speak your mind to get dumped off TPM. You might get a bunch of whiny panty-waisted “guardians of the True Word and Moral Code Of TPM(tm)” griping at you for being so forthright as to have an opinion but you won’t get banned.

    I wrote a blog there last year about the concept of a moral justification for war and got knocked around for it but as unpopular (and misunderstood) as the post was I didn’t get bounced for it.

  4. A big, angry, negro racist troll? LOL!

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