Let's update that old line

In practice, “representative government” is a flock of sheep holding a vote to decide which wolf to entrust with deciding what’s for dinner.  Inevitably, the wolf decides to eat one of the sheep.

The sheep react to this in various ways.  Some gripe that the wolves that get picked are selfish, and the answer is to pick better wolves.  Others blame the sheep that got eaten for not running fast enough, arguing that keeping that sheep around would’ve dragged down the rest of the flock, and is thus UnSheep.  A couple particularly delusional sheep will make noises about killing the wolf, failing to realize that there are more wolves where those came from.

Eventually, one sheep says “hey, how about we stop putting dinner to a vote, and instead just pick for ourselves?  If we avoid the wolves, then they’ll eventually starve”.  The benevolent-wolf-theory sheep shun this sheep & claim they want the wolves to eat them all.  The just-run-faster sheep denounce this sheep as an idealistic fool, stating that it’s easier to just pick a slower wolf.  The kill-the-wolf sheep just repeat their view ad nauseum, ignoring that the wolf is sneaking up right behind them at the moment…

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One Response to Let's update that old line

  1. Vache Folle says:

    What we need is a big dog to protect us from the wolves.

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