Definition Fail

Outside of the VFW’s national convention — where Obama promoted our continued, ever increasing forced tithe to the Church of the Rain of Death* — some people gathered to bicker about health-care “reform” again.  A former soldier among them decided to show himself to be delusional:

Jim Mariman, an Idaho veteran of the Korean War and the Vietnam War, was spending his time outside the convention center rather than in it.

“What we are seeing here is people speaking their minds and their hearts,” Mariman said.

Mariman is opposed to Obama’s health-care reform plan, but enjoys the fact that those who disagree with him, can disagree with him openly.

“These people can protest because I gave them the right.” (emphasis mine)

So lemme get this straight, Jim: if you, personally, had not been sent to fight in two wars that had no connection whatsoever to the security of people in the U.S., then people you disagree with would not be allowed to express their disagreement?  Your presence in Vietnam was protest ability insurance?  Rights come from above, by way of the ability to project force on a 3rd party, as opposed to from below?

(* – Related Bonus Bloggage: Google News coughs up some interesting entries at times.  One I spotted today was Prime Wingnut: Ronald Kessler admitting he lays awake with the night sweats in mortal fear of al-qaeda obtaining the Sword of Damocles)


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