Obedience at any cost

Via Gizmodo, we have yet another example of just how much that shiny badge goes to ones head.  The headline just about says everything: Police sodomize man with Taser

There’s audio at the site too.  From the sounds of it, the thug who did this finds difficulty breathing in moments of severe stress (i.e.: while being detained by scream-prone people in matching uniforms with weapons) to be a slight against his position.  Brings new meaning to the old cliche phrase “I’d rather be shot”, doesn’t it?

Listen to the audio.  Notice how the man being tortured is blurting out “I’ll be good, I’ll be good!” in a tone more suggestive of an abused child trying to ward off being burnt with lit cigarettes again as opposed to an adult.  This reverting to parent/child roles is no coincidence.


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