Stay classy, Canada…

Recently, the Motorhome Diaries crew planned on crossing the imaginary line between what are known as “Vermont” and “Quebec”.  Some agents of the Canadian government, having found out about the ridiculous “Respect my authoritah!” moment in Mississippi they were subjected to, decided as an expression of their sense that no one should be subjected to such harassment to greet them at the border with open arms & a case of Moosehead Ale.

Heh…obviously I’m kidding.

Actually, they decided that letting a couple libertarians in would be an intolerable risk to the security of their country.  Instead, the authorities confiscated & destroyed their video of the trip, spewed some crap about looking for pornography (WTF, since when was porn illegal in Canada?) & “heinous propaganda”, looted their vehicle, held their computers as evidence, and sent them back the other way as if they’d bounced off a force field.

Well congratulations, Canada.  You’ve successfully flexed your muscle to protect your people from two Yanks in an RV.  Hopefully the mounties didn’t splooge themselves too hard as the motorhome crossed back onto U.S. soil…

Update: The MHD crew has a blow-by-blow of this up on their website now.  Among the interesting revelations about the behavior of Canadian border patrol: the searching included particularly aggressive and groin-centric patdowns.


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2 Responses to Stay classy, Canada…

  1. Pete Eyre says:

    Thanks for helping to get the word out b psycho. Hopefully this will cause more folks to question the false dichotomy between security and freedom and work not to reform government but for self-government.

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