An echo. That's it.

Shorter Glenn Greenwald: “Guilty even if proven innocent?  I’d say Obama has it backwards, but that’d be an insult to people who actually have it backwards”.

I remember seeing somewhere past explanations for the policy decisions of Nixon that boiled down to “home didn’t matter, as long as he could get what he wanted on the foreign front”.  The way that some supposed “liberals” are approaching Obama — and how he’s carried himself, actually — has me getting the idea that the overall approach now is Nixon in reverse.  If the current trajectory holds, which I have no reason to believe won’t, then the history books will be describing this as a time where external matters were capital-W Whatever as long as internally the Nanny wing of the state got their healthcare & junk food taxes.

The most obvious parts of government power — imprisonment, death, destruction — are written off as mere distraction.  I wonder if torture would end up accepted if we had single-payer…


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