Bits & Pieces

-Something I didn’t know: merely being gay is illegal in India.  Correction, was illegal.

-Those IOUs are going out in California, & the big banks are giving people a week to redeem them.  Here’s the truly interesting part though:

Note that banks will earn something for their troubles: The state will pay an annualized 3.75% tax-free rate of interest on the IOUs until it redeems them.  If recipients of the IOUs don’t need the cash right away — which might be hard to imagine in this economy — they can hold on to them until the state finally pays up. They’d collect whatever interest has accrued to that point.

At 3.75% — and tax-free — the interest is far better than what you’d earn on short-term savings in a money market mutual fund . . . or at a bank.

That is, assuming they’ll ever be able to pay them off.  Isn’t failure fascinating?

-Speaking of California: apparently if you’re a judge there, your website is never truly yours.  Please, you think that’s smutty, wait until someone stumbles across Clarence Thomas’ personal website…

-Land: they’re not making more of it.  I’ve expressed in the past that, long as the state still exists, it should be paid for on the basis of resources use, whether in terms of separation of the commons or of asking who uses the power of government the most.  Here’s someone else floating that balloon, invoking Henry George’s “Single Tax”.

-More water follies: Israel stopped a boat carrying humanitarian aid intended for Palestinians off the coast of Gaza, claiming it entered their water.  It happened to also be carrying Cynthia McKinney

-In the No Shit Sherlock department: “What?  Organic as a government applied seal means nothing?  Who’dathunkit?”

-Meet the new boss…etcetera, etcetera:

The Justice Department is declining to release Dick Cheney’s interview with federal investigators looking into the Valerie Plame leak, arguing — as it did under President Bush — that doing so would discourage future high-level officials from cooperating with criminal investigations.

For this argument to have any sense to it whatsoever, wouldn’t that assume that high-level officials tend to cooperate?  Scooter Libby — and the mere fact that over time the case became less “who leaked it?” and more “goddamn, who DIDN’T leak?!?”, w/ the original leaker going unpunished — begs to differ.  This is just another small example of why “the rule of law” is a myth.

-Last shot, and it’s a painful one: …dammit, you might as well start fitting them for another ring right now.

Much as I hate any team with Kobe on it, if they don’t lose anyone else I’m having trouble imagining a team that can beat this combination.  Orlando may have added Vince, but they lost Lee (who would’ve been a nice backup to Carter) to get him (and are in the process of losing Turk), meaning unless they deliberately go smaller below Howard & Lewis they won’t have Pietrus as a bench swingman.  Their depth could be questionable w/o another move.

As for the Cavs…no.  They needed a perimeter scorer or finesse bigman, instead they got The Big Artery Clogger.  Now the “Lebron’s gone after ’09” talk is starting to make sense to me.  If they’re not going to have a 2nd option consistent enough to keep defenses honest on Lebron (Shaq is completely paint oriented, so he just makes James’ job harder if he gets going — unless you can imagine Lebron practicing his range so well in the offseason that he gets 40% from 3), then they need to switch to a run’n’gun offense & overwhelm people with speed. Somehow, I’m not looking at the 2009 Cavaliers & seeing the 80’s Lakers…


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