Veronique De Rugy, in a column on piracy & the concept of sea privatization.  All emphasis mine:

In an ideal world, we would leave protection up to the owner of the water in question. But today no one really owns the waters where pirates operate. And if no one owns them, no one protects them. Usually governments exercise an implicit ownership of the waters off their coast, but the absence of credible government in Somalia bars that possibility. What’s more, today’s pirates also operate far from any coasts, in water that nobody claims.

If possible, it would be productive to find ways to privatize those pirate-infested seas. There are obvious difficulties, though not insurmountable ones, in the Somali case, where there’s no central government capable of conducting an auction. The alternative, a bottom-up homesteading approach, might end up granting the waters to the pirates themselves, but the best way to pacify the pirates may be to allow them formal ownership rights. In the long run, privately controlled waters would generate new solutions to the piracy problems. Former pirates, for example, could serve as escorts to commercial ships, not unlike the way retired hackers often emerge as computer security consultants.

It shows where her head is at that the first thought was “oh, if only there were a functioning government in Somalia, then the waters could be sold to the highest bidder!”, with occupancy-and-use an afterthought, & only then seen to “pacify” the Somalis.  Eh, at least it was A thought…


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2 Responses to Plan-A

  1. Vache Folle says:

    Don’t the pirates already reckon they own the waters that they control?

    And what are states that control waters but jumped up fancy pirates themselves?

  2. b psycho says:

    The waters are off of Somalia. Why people don’t follow from that that the proper owners are Somalians…

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