Nothing in particular

-Because of EU antitrust issues, Microsoft is planning to distribute Windows 7 there without an internet browser.   As it says in the article, OEMs can put whatever broswer that want on anyway, meaning this is really only an issue if without a browser you cannot connect to the internet at all to download one, and in that case only if you buy Windows 7 off the shelf & build the computer yourself.  In response to the article came the following curious forum comment:

Microsoft is an American company that chooses to do business in the EU, they are not forced to, just as the EU member countries are NOT forced to buy a windows license. Remember you are buying a license to USE Windows not own it. Microsoft should simply revoke all licenses out side North America and be done with it. In 90 days then file piracy charges directed at all who continue to use it illegally including schools,businesses, and especially goverments abroad. (emphasis mine)

Yet another glaring example of the absurdity of IP — the assumed ability of software makers to be all “screw you guys, I’m going home” to their customers whenever they feel like it.  And this is provided in SUPPORT!?  If Microsoft actually took up this ridiculous idea the rest of the world would become Linux fans, c’mon now…

-Shorter Jonnhy Isakson: “The profits of my buddies in real estate are a public good!  Honest!”

-Something I don’t get: why do people do this?  Is it a modern day, westernized derivative of the war dance, something biologically handed down that just now looks awkward?  An athletic adaptation of nationalism displays?  Or just an excuse to throw things and burn stuff?  I’m inclined to believe it’s the 3rd, but some form of this happens so often that I’m sensing there may be some meaning I’m not acknowledging.

Stating the obvious: gas didn’t go up again, the dollar went down again vs oil:

The average price per gallon of self-serve regular gasoline is $2.66, up 16.68 cents from two weeks ago, the Lundberg Survey found. […] The most recent increase is not a reflection of increased demand, according to survey publisher Trilby Lundberg.

“It’s a direct result of continued increases in the price of crude, with crude oil itself responding to a flight from the weaker dollar on the expectation of rising inflation from federal monetary policy,” Lundberg said.  “Demand is not increasing. It is shrinking.”

Lundberg said there is no reason to expect gas prices will reach the $4-plus levels of last summer but “it might certainly feel that high to many consumers, especially those who are unemployed.” (emphasis mine)

Gee, ya think?

-BTW: this is about the dumbest thing the Cavs could do.  Their obvious weakness is that they do not have a 2nd true scorer, someone who is consistent enough a threat that sagging off them to collapse on Lebron gets you torched.  Everyone they’ve thought could be that consistent has either never worked out or fizzled down the stretch.  Until they get the one person who, when the opposing coach huddles and says to his team “ok, now we have to double Lebron”, prompts the cavaet “..but DON’T LEAVE ______!!”, they’ll never win it all.  Sure, Shaq can guard Dwight Howard, but that’s not their main problem.  If they do this it’ll be the 3rd time in the past few years (Mavs thought they needed a true PG & got Kidd back, when they really needed a post-up threat since Nowitzki doesn’t play his size; Suns thought they needed someone to better guard big men & got Shaq, when they really needed someone to guard quick PGs like Parker & Chris Paul since Nash doesn’t believe in defense) that a team has ignored their real hole to plug an imagined one.  I wonder how you get a GM job in the NBA…

-CNN putting up Twitter commentary about the “election” in Iran that was obviously from outsiders that know jack squat about Iran last week was a new level of pathetic.  Yeah, when it comes to astute opinions on middle east politics, I always look forward to the 140 characters at a time of Lakers4evar32 & Dolphinlover6.

-While I’m at it, I happen to be reading blogs at The Atlantic’s website.  Some thoughts on some entries I just spotted:

Sullivan: You don’t seem to believe your own headline.  Why should the president say anything?  Besides, wouldn’t that just allow Ahmadenijad supports to claim that Mousavi is a lackey of the West?  I can imagine the rumors already…

Goldberg: No, it doesn’t matter.  The idea of a nation-state being officially Jewish — or officially Muslim, officially Christian, officially Zoroastrian, etcetera… — inherently assumes that non-_____s are less than full citizens.  In practice, that tends to be an excuse to follow from that the stance that non-_____s have less rights (rights come before states, obviously, but states can’t recognize that and survive).  If a nation really needs to limit itself in this manner, then it technically is unsustainable.  This goes for Israel, any future Palestine…any nation.

Coates: That such a definition, functionally, depends on who you ask shows the absurdity of the entire concept.  “White” is not a race that actually exists any more than “black” is, it is an invented class distinction that has jumped its foundation.  Ethnic groups were accepted as “white” as others stepped up to become the shiny new punching bag of the moment.  That said, my impression has been that Jewishness was a religious thing.


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4 Responses to Nothing in particular

  1. hmm… you don’t think Shaq is a scoring threat anymore?
    I mean honestly, LeBron’s defense is getting better and better every year, next year he’ll be able to go up against centers consistently, probably.
    If the Cavs want Shaq for defensive reasons, then I agree, they are idiots. If they want someone who can threaten the paint while LeBron devastates the outside, then it makes some kind of sense.

  2. b psycho says:

    It’s not that Shaq CAN’T score. Because of his size & strength (and the relative talent drought at the center position in the rest of the league) he can still get his, though not as dominantly as he used to. But even though Lebron has improved from outside, he’s still primarily a slasher. For Shaq to be enough of a threat would mean defenses collapsing in the paint — which they’re doing already against Lebron.

    I’m thinking as far as a true 2nd option it’d have to be either a more finesse-based big man, or a perimeter gunner in the Reggie Miller/Ray Allen mold. The Cavs basically tried to have that by committee the past few years.

  3. Ahh ok I see. LeBron would lose as much in the paint as he would gain at the perimeter.
    Hmm… you know, maybe picking up Gasol as a center might be a wise move for the Cavs. Their block % would become insane. And I think Pau can go from the edges pretty well.
    The question there would be the money.

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