Future "when I was your age…" moment?

Back in 2002, I discovered a chain of big burrito restaurants, which I won’t name because that part is irrelevant.  At the time, a steak burrito there was 4.50, and filled to bursting.  Went to another of their locations yesterday, the price was 6.35 before tax & I had to question the person at the counter as to whether they put as much meat in it as they were supposed to (or, at least, as I remember it). Slightly fewer inputs, but $1.85 per burrito price increase?

I know the singular form of data is not anecdote, but try to tell me this is just a coincidence.


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One Response to Future "when I was your age…" moment?

  1. John says:

    I work in a restaurant in which a scallop dish cost 10.50 or 10.99, I think, in 2006. The same dish is short a couple scallops now and 13.99.

    When I was a kid candy bars went on sale for 3/dollar not 2/dollar.

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