Quick shots

Watching Game One, lull in the action. Some responses to some stuff:

  • Exactly.
  • Damn, that sucks
  • Y’know, you COULD try just leaving them the hell alone.  It’d be more meaningful, more effective, and even save us money.  But no…
  • Not only NahGahHahPen, but would be completely missing the real point.  Ezra should consider sometime that this drastically interconnected global finance-as-gambling culture didn’t spontaneously form itself, but was deliberately constructed.  Acknowledging the problem of concentrated power and then proposing this crap is like trying to cure a really bad hangover by getting drunk again.
  • LMAO.  The real story isn’t the guns (though if they trusted their members there wouldn’t have been the checked & unloaded cavaet), but the casualness of their merging of Jeebus with crude nationalism.  “Why, of course there is only One True Religion, Jim-Bob!  Quit being silly!”

Back to the game.

Edit: 24 point Laker lead, fuck it.  Orlando’ll get game 2 though, they bounce back nicely.  BTW: whoever decided to keep the Kobe & Lebron puppet commercials needs to be waterboarded.  Also, LOL @ this.


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2 Responses to Quick shots

  1. John says:

    “there was a strong belief in God and firearms”

    So did Obama get this one part right?

    Clinging to their guns and religion…

  2. b psycho says:

    Obviously there’s people like that out there that have an endless siege mentality, who somehow believe that their particular cultural faction is being threatened more than others. That view is ridiculous, since it’s almost entirely based on overblowing token political shifts that in power terms mean zilch.

    That said, the fact that they don’t remotely come close to a real reason for concern doesn’t mean there isn’t one. The spectrum of worry about political power, from the cliched search for a candidate you want to have a beer with to (in Obama’s case) the racist dog-whistle crowd, has a root that most, ESPECIALLY those who engage in it, are too lazy to acknowledge.

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