Once upon a time on the internet…

Bored as hell, clicking around.  Checked out what Greenwald had to say at the moment.  Realized I never look at the rest of Salon, decided to browse some.  Let’s see what’s on the front page…

Michael Lind (jumping out from a hiding space behind Glenn’s profile cartoon): “HELLO!!”
Me: “Meh. Piss off…”
Lind: “Wait, I actually have something to say, my state-skeptical friend! Hear me out, just this once!”
Me: “About what?”
Lind: “Corporate history!”
Me: “Really?”
Lind: “Yes! I see you’ve been talking about General Motors lately, surely this must interest you?”
Me: “…whatever, I don’t feel like clicking around at the moment, fine, go ahead”
Lind: “Why thank you! You won’t be disappointed!”
Me: “Blahblah get on with it…”
Lind: “Okay, okay! I was just thinking how ironic it is that, w/ the government takeovers during the ongoing economic Failfest, the original source of the corporation was explicitly the government! It’s a homecoming!”
Me: “Heheh, yeah, I acknowledged that too. Go on…”
Lind: “In a way, you could argue that since it’s a state creation they could, theoretically, do whatever they felt like with the corporate form & charters!”
Me: “True. Though, tbh, I used to just state that as a rhetorical device on message boards way back when to piss off conservatives. I’d actually rather we–”
Lind: “In fact, I’ve got some proposals for how we can take these giant conglomerates and instead of coddling them for personal reasons we can coddle them for PATRIOTIC AMERICAN MOM AND APPLE PIE reasons! We can even call them ‘USA Corps’, won’t that be CUTE!”
Me: “Put down the crack pipe, dude…” (closes tab)

(I don’t know if he actually acts this way in person, nor do I care, that’s just how I imagined it for some reason)

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One Response to Once upon a time on the internet…

  1. Jeremy says:

    Well, it’s good that at least a conversation is forming around what it means to be a corporation and the history of these entities. Most people don’t know, and it leads them to buy into the false dichotomy of business vs. government. That said, yeah, crack kills.

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