Priorities. Out of whack, yours are.

Richard Epstein, in the course of a critical entry on the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor, blurts out this:

We have already seen a president whose professed devotion to the law takes a backseat to all sorts of other considerations. The treatment of the compensation packages of key AIG executives (which eventually led to the indecorous resignation of Edward Liddy), and the massive insinuation of the executive branch into the (current) Chrysler and (looming) General Motors bankruptcies are sure to generate many a spirited struggle over two issues that are likely to define our future Supreme Court’s jurisprudence. (emphasis mine)

Considering AIG is now worth approximately two used condoms & a bus pass, existing solely via the benevolence of the U.S. government with our money, I believe the missing question is “compensation for what?!?

The just response to AIG failing was to give them jack shit.  Within the realization that the just response was not followed, common sense would suggest that claims to financial reward for the job — which they failed miserably at — are not only automatically void, but are jokes.  Of all the things to gripe about…


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