Deep Existential Questions

Listening to Shoutcast radio today, a funk station played this (obviously not the video, this is just what came up in a search afterwards):

How the hell did they find that?  I did not know there was an alternate, funkier, more drum-centric version of that song, I’m shocked.  Was that a throwaway vinyl B-side, a live remix, or what?

BTW: anyone know about car radio type add-ons that can somehow — wi-fi, regular wireless connection, whatever — play internet radio stations?  That type of thing has always seemed to me like a better deal than satellite radio, since unlike satellite radio you don’t pay a monthly subscription, and anyone & their mother can stream audio these days, making for a wider range of possible stations.

Edit: anyone know of any directories of internet radio/ streaming music stations you know of other than Shoutcast that are compatible w/ Winamp (read: I don’t have to bookmark the site of each individual station)?  If so, lemme know.  Recently realized how much of a bitch it is to find stations otherwise.  Shoutcast is alright, but the offerings in some genres are pretty thin (for example: if I pick “funk” as the genre, half the stations listed are stupid “FUNKY HOUSE!” stations, which makes about as much sense as square circles IMO).


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