…were we even watching the same show?

Re: Dani Rodrik quoting some dude’s paper from the “Quality of Government Institute” (seriously?), who describes a scene on The Sopranos: doesn’t the fact that the dude went to the police, seemingly not fearing retribution until he found out exactly who he’d just fingered, kinda explode the idea that this guy was seriously anti-government?  And WTF does witnessing a murder have to do with market order?

As long as we’re discussing fictional crime families here, you’d have to ask the founders of the DiMeo crew why they started.  My best guess (informed by what little I can recall about the real-life mafia) would be that it started as an ethnic & class solidarity thing in response to being frozen out of what’s popularly referred to as the “mainstream” of American society at first, over time sustaining itself because, to put it bluntly, it got them a relative fast track to Fuck You money.  If I’m way off, feel free to inform me, it’s an interesting topic after all.

One more thing: note the response by NickThePick below the original post at that link.  Why is there still use of the strawman assumption that anyone who questions the worth of government thinks mankind is, or is capable of being, perfect?  Is it that implausible to him that someone can acknowledge the fallability of man and argue that, instead of being proof of need for central authority, it suggests an unworkable nature as anything beyond a badge for self-serving violence?


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