The Lucrative Art of Talking Past Each Other

Re: the string of stuff that started with this, a remark about women voting erroneously assumed to be how all libertarians think:

I’d say — for obvious reason — the assumption of a natural female inclination towards statism is bunk.  In the US at least, what tendency there is, however slight, is more likely just interpretation of past political success: women wanted equal rights, they got the vote first, and thus a SLIGHTLY more positive view of politics than the default among some women.  My personal reply would be to indict the alleged moral justification for a system that requires you to spend generations begging for mere dignity, but that’d go for everybody & has zilch to do with sex.

BTW: Peter, “capitalist democracy” is already an oxymoron.  Existing capitalism is more a political system than an economic one, and its survival depends on government being able to, when deemed necessary to maintain the status of key players, carry out policies that a majority would never openly co-sign (*cough*billiondollarbailouts*coughcough*).  The only time “democracy” comes into play is on filler issues where fomenting interest-group proxy war helps provide cover for the rest of the agenda.  If you want to bitch about welfare, start with Wall Street.

Edit: Will concurs.  Somewhat:

If establishing equal rights to political participation in fact created an impediment to the political success of libertarianish ideas, maybe there are some very good reasons for that. People who finally gained equal political rights through a long democratic struggle cannot have been unreasonable to see democratic politics as a morally and politically progressive force. An ideology that damns democratic politics as almost necessarily immoral might not look so good to them. And if libertarian-style politics seems especially unnatractive to members of formerly oppressed and disenfranchised groups, maybe that’s because it is reasonable to suspect that a politics that focuses relentlessly on the inviolability of property rights in a system that once treated people as property, and for centuries denied much of the population the chance to accumulate any property, is a politics meant to protect those who reap the gains of a still-rigged and unjust system.

Of course I’d argue that this is why, ultimately, the only just form of politics rejects that system, and at the least seeks to sabotage it.  Rather than culturally oppressed groups looking at government and asking “what else?”, IMO they should ask “what’s the fucking point then?”.


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