So much smarter, yet still so stupid

Back in high school, random idle chitchat at one time that got into interracial adoption prompted a running joke with my friends that one day I’d adopt a little white boy & change his name to something like Malik or Hakeem.  Newsweek has a story about a black couple that for real adopted a white girl, and how people around them treat that fact.  To summarize (unfortunately…):

Whites: “…I think we should check on that girl, I’m getting suspicious of that big negro that keeps following her around”


Read the whole thing.


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2 Responses to So much smarter, yet still so stupid

  1. Scott says:

    What if a black child was crying and being led by a pissed off white man into a van – turns out she dropped her ice cream cone and her dad is taking her back to get another one (mom insists, and he’s whipped). Don’t you think people would get a bad vibe, to the extent that some might confront the guy/dad?

    I have no doubt it would get old really quick if people constantly came up to check out the situation. But I don’t see those people as operating under a racism assumption, so much as a “this is really unusual*, there is a child involved, I’d kill myself if something bad is happening and I did nothing”.

    * – If black couples adopted white children at the same rate as white couples adopt asian children, you’d probably see less encounters with concerned strangers. Or you’d hope…

  2. b psycho says:

    They probably would, since the variable of the guy seeming angry comes into play. It’s understandable even if you flip it, though black kid/white adoptive parent is much more common. Though it’s plausible that race wasn’t the reason, you really can’t know unless you ask.

    I personally thought the reactions of other blacks in that story was the worse of the two, actually. As if adopting a kid of a different race means you hate yourself somehow, it’s ridiculous! A culture so internally distrusting that it demands endless racial self-affirmation to “prove” yourself is drowning in irony.

    My brother’s wife is white, and she had kids from a previous relationship. He’s “Dad” now, and neither they nor their neighbors seem to acknowledge sweet fuck all about it. Banality = Win.

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