Timing is everything

I dunno how legit this is supposed to be, or if it’s a joke gone horribly wrong, but here’s what someone in Ohio wants to do for the 4th of July (the original video was yanked, someone else recorded from it beforehand):


Common sense desperately wants to tell you something. It says that, if the environment is that the government is releasing reports about fears of far-right violence & people that were strangely silent the past 8 years are suddenly speaking as if they’ve changed their names to Liberty McFreedom and randomly throwing out “-isms” that they don’t bother to learn the definitions of,  then publicly announcing an armed march on Washington and then following through on it is a good way to end up making the Waco siege look like a picnic.

Look, obviously I do not feel that merely being armed is communication of violent intent.  There in fact is a LOT to be angry about.  As for the point mentioned by others about violating weapons permits on the journey, it’d be a rather pitiful anti-government movement that was afraid of violating laws they inherently believe should not exist.  What gets me about these things is that, for all the bluster, the angle approached here smacks of mere political opportunism (albeit in the case of the militias, a different form than commonly talked about). I can’t help but wonder why this type of sentiment is so much more popular when the driver’s seat of the empire is held by someone who has a (D) behind their name on the news.

In case anyone doesn’t get what I mean by this criticism, I mean to say the following and nothing further:

Actual, principled anti-statism I am completely on board with.  IMO, this looks more like a bunch of wackos just angry that they don’t have control.  And with what the government will do to your garden variety protestor, try to imagine what they’ll do to whoever shows up for this event.

Edit 1040am CST, 042409:  After some more thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a hoax.  No one that was actually planning this would post it on fucking YouTube, and disguising his voice is pointless since if he attended people would find out who he was.  I’ll leave this up because of my statement about the overall wave of shallow anarchy-chic, but the video is pure humor to me now, not a discussion point.


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