The Painful Truth

I agree: John Madden’s rep is inflated.  Not only as a coach, but as a play-by-play guy too.  I generally found what he said to be less amazing than how people took it, the type of insights that one can get by just watching the game.  He’s a cool guy, seems like the type you’d enjoy a conversation over beers with, but by that qualification anybody could be football analysts.  I’d personally like NBC to put Olbermann & Jerome Bettis in the in-game booth, they play off of each other so well.  Unfortunately that would disrupt Countdown, so it wouldn’t be done, though IMO that show has cratered since Bush left office*.

That said, the Madden video game franchise is an insult to him still.  The series has sucked since ’95, as graphically it’s gotten cartoonish & the controls feel like the game is on auto-pilot half the time.  I’m not buying another NFL liscensed game until 2k Sports can make one again.

(* – y’know who needs to get that type of TV show?  IOZ.  But I digress…)


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One Response to The Painful Truth

  1. Vache Folle says:

    John Madden is the master of the obvious. He enables viewers who are complete newcomers to the game to feel as if they are learning something profound. It’s a gift.

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