Teabaggers vs Coffee Drinkers

Libertarian Public Service Announcement:

There are true anti-State people, who sincerely hold a dim view of government itself.  Then there are hacks who just want attention & are indistinguishable from a particularly loud partisan.  For example, take the man in the video below:

-Note that he doesn’t give any kind of definition of fascism, as a reasoning for his designation.  Two potential reasons for that: either he doesn’t know what it means himself & just thinks it sounds cool, or he doesn’t care what it means because he’s not mad about the government as an institution, just who currently runs it.  Anyone with a serious anti-state bent would’ve gladly provided an explanation, instead of blathering about term limits (?).

-This was at one of those “Tea Party” protests.  The most coherent complaint to come forth was about spending.  Corner one of these people and ask them what the largest percentage of federal discretionary (this is the category that doesn’t automatically continue, so it’s what congress actually haggles over each year) spending is.  If they say something like “welfare” or “earmarks”, you know you’re not dealing with a serious person: the correct answer is the military.

-If you have a group of these people in a room, ask for everyone who had previously attended one of the protests against the war in Iraq, or at the least agrees with the sentiment of those that did, to raise their hand.  The ones that don’t are hypocrites, feel free to dismiss them.

For more on this type of distinction, check out what Jeremy has to say.  He actually went to one of these demonstrations in Virginia.


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