"Look, a unicorn!"

In an article about file-sharing laws in Sweden, the chairman of the Swedish Publishers Association — obviously an anti-sharing group — said the following:

“In a study, 80% of people thought we shouldn’t go after file-sharers.  But ask them how they feel about taking money out of the pockets of musicians, authors or artists and that number falls by a significant amount”

Y’know what?  That’s right, stealing from artists sucks.  Good thing here in the real world their corporate masters gank them for the true value of their work first, so torrents just mean somewhere a content title-holder (read: media exec that creates squat) has one less dollar to light their cigars with.

It’s a simple principle really.  People that create good stuff deserve the money.  People that create screw-job contracts making it unlikely that people who create good stuff will see more than a dime deserve jack shit.  The select few that are megastars have managed to wrestle control of themselves from the screw-job contracts, and are clearly making their money already.


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