Reverse psychology

Remember that post I put up about the right-wing tactic of calling everything they personally don’t like “socialism”?  Well, in an unexpected follow-up of sorts, the Washington Post has up a column throwing cold water on the “Obama = socialist” meme — by the editor of the US Socialist Party’s official newspaper.

According to him, since roughly the time of my post on the subject, him & his party have been getting a significant uptick in attention.  With the current anger over the Giant Flushing Sound the economy has been making lately, continuing the tactic of red-baiting has become even worse than the mere punchline it was during the campaign: it may be shifting the economic debate the opposite direction from how they intended.  The more they stretch what “socialism” means, the less of a shock it’ll be if people start thinking to themselves “I wonder what the fuss about it is…”.

Now, if we could get to the point where anti-state leftists were getting that kind of burn, that’d be gravy.


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