Empapado de sangre épico fracaso

That’s spanish for “Blood-soaked Epic Fail”.  Which refers to the cost of the War on Drugs inflicted south of the border.  During a session of serial blog click-throughs, I ended up at this: inside baseball on the latest fallout, from someone actually living in Mexico in the middle of this mess.

Long story short, the drug gangs are multiplying & getting more bold (if you’re squeamish, you might wanna scroll kinda fast when the 2nd picture on that article starts), with some taking advantage of US military training. See, when the US helped train Mexican military for anti-narcotics operations, many took the training and then left for more lucrative work.  The Gulf Cartel appreciates our donation, no doubt…


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3 Responses to Empapado de sangre épico fracaso

  1. b psycho says:

    …and it clearly hasn’t let up since. All this because us 1st World types like to get fucked up and won’t admit it. Terrible.

    The US economy achieves what the Too-Many-Mexicans peanut gallery never could’ve, only for the fleeing immigrants to walk into this. I wouldn’t be shocked if Mexico had a revolt in the next few years, considering the hell they’ve received for their political alliance with us.

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