You may have noticed that on the rare occasion when I do deal with race as a topic, I like to question the definition of “white”.  That isn’t just snark, obviously, but some may be distracted by the humor.  For those people, here’s Tim Wise on the subject, absolutely 100% snark free:

Props for pointing this out.

Disclaimer: this is not to say in any way whatsoever that I support Tim’s views on anything else, or his proposed solutions.  It’s not like I collect his works or anything, he just happens to thrive at acknowledging with blunt force & anger that which I’ve come to see as tragi-comic in my own dark, wrong planet way.


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One Response to Basically

  1. vache folle says:

    I’ve often wondered why my people (crackers) fell for the whole whiteness thing. I’d like to think it wasn’t solely a question of dumbassery. Humans seem to have a penchant for reifying categories.

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