All Roads Lead to Stupid

Reading Will Wilkinson, who links to Poppin Fresh Jonah Goldberg responding to him on something*.  Out of curiosity, I actually opened up NROs group blog page & scrolled for Teh Wingnuttery.  Jackpot!!:

The Stealth Jihad Proceeds [Andy McCarthy]

Major Muslim organizations throughout the United States are controlled to one degree or another by the Muslim Brotherhood and are engaged in an incremental campaign to install Islamic law — shariah.  So says former FBI agent John Guandolo, who is now speaking out about both the threat and the disinclination of the government to do much of anything about it.  The story is reported in Tennessee’s Times-Gazette, here[…]

Considering how few muslims there are in the U.S., and the still lingering tendency to equate being a muslim with being a terrorist, it’s no surprise I laughed so hard I almost choked.  I mean, seriously, I haven’t heard of any credible attempt to impose sharia in the U.S., meanwhile the Mormon Church openly promoted changing the law in a state other than their base to more closely follow their beliefs.  You think that Prop 8 would’ve passed if an Islamic group had that kind of pull behind it?

(* – my thoughts on this in a separate post.)


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