Smokin' Calculations

Watching “Marijuana Inc” at the moment (missed the original run earlier, basketball was on).  The reporter is talking to this dude that used to smuggle tons of pot through San Francisco Bay, and he’s mentioning how ridiculously effective & efficient his business was.

Semi-random thought: Considering how the reason that drug smuggling is so profitable is because of the legal monkey wrench in the risk-reward equation, you gotta wonder what people like that would be doing if the War on Drugs didn’t exist.  I suspect (at least in his case, and more than likely many more) a strain of business sense that’d be pretty productive in other fields.

But no.  We live in a society where, thanks to the government, even something so relatively simple as pot gets huge profits.  Meanwhile, the types that get the genius label end up being the blithering idiots currently sinking conglomerates on our dime.  Wonderful…


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