Last gasps of Fail

One more shift of those goalposts:

The White House on Wednesday said a new audio tape from Osama bin Laden calling for jihad demonstrated the al Qaeda leader’s isolation and was likely an effort to raise money. […]

After the September 11, 2001, attacks, Bush declared that he wanted bin Laden captured dead or alive. The al Qaeda leader has eluded a U.S. manhunt and is believed to be hiding in the remote border region of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In the latest tape, bin Laden called for jihad or holy war over the Israeli offensive in Gaza and said the global financial crisis had exposed waning U.S. influence in world affairs that would in turn weaken its ally Israel.

“It appears this tape demonstrates his isolation and continued attempts to remain relevant at a time when al Qaeda’s ideology, mission, and agenda are being questioned and challenged throughout the world,” White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe said.

Leaving aside that US foreign policy has been the best recruiting tool for jihadism by far, note the argument here.  “Isolation” is considered something to brag about when the goal was supposed to be a dirt-nap.  As a gamer, I can’t help but think of the Scarface video game, & Sosa somehow not being pissed off that (in the alt-story of the game) Tony survived.  Was the one thing that irked me about it, because the rest of that game kicked ass, but I digress: at least that was just a case of a bad writing call, rather than a desperate attempt at continuing justification of an inherently ridiculous “security” status quo.


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