More idle Blago thoughts

-If I were him, I would’ve nominated Michael Jordan.  Sure, the only real attachment he has to Illinois is playing for the Bulls & he more than likely doesn’t give a shit about politics, but it’d be worth it if only for the chance of a Jordan vs Ditka election next go-round.  Even better if Frank Thomas declared and ran as an independent.  With any luck the MSM talking heads would go so crazy with the sports metaphors that their heads explode from the sheer confusion — at which time Stuart Scott says right on cue “Boo-Yah!”.

-To the race-baiting nimrods claiming Burris got turned away because he’s black: If your ancestors spun in their graves any harder they’d shoot out like missiles, hopefully headed right for you.

-If I were Burris, if I finally got seated, I’d just be a complete dick during my temporary term.  Interrupt votes, read raunchy jokes into the congressional record for the hell of it, try to change peoples earmark projects to name the building/bridge/whatever after ODB, hock loogies during press gatherings, walk holding my nuts on the Senate floor dressed like a pimp, whatever other shit I could think of.  Kids in the future need something to chuckle about in the history books.

-Not only do I see no difference between what Blago did and what happens all the time, I think it shows the new way forward.  Obviousness in corruption should be racked up to the point where politicians wear suits with their sponsors’ logos on ’em like in NASCAR.


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