The Projection of the Anointed

They must be having problems lately keeping the ranks of elite water-carriers filled, because this guy still has a job:

During the presidential election, some Democrats demanded to know how I could defend Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.  Simply put, Palin is my people. She’s small-town folk who wound up in the big leagues.

Because I grew up in a small town with a population of less than 15,000 people, I was disgusted by the insults and condescension coming from those who think of themselves as the enlightened elite. Meanwhile, in small towns, I detected great affection for Palin. People talked about how she was “a real person” who “reflected their values.”

Ruben Navarrette, professional fool.  Insisting on the ridiculous cliche that there is such thing as a universal set of “small-town values”, that “small-town values” are worthy of some sort of unquestioning salute, & that people from not-small towns live to fling crap at small-town people, he can’t even be bothered to put forth this garbage himself: “the peasants tell me they loooove them some Palin!  Really!”  This is Second-hand Stupid.

During a recent appearance on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” [Colin] Powell attempted an autopsy on the Republican Party’s failed presidential bid. He went after Palin, accusing her of pushing the party so far to the right that it went over a cliff.

“I think [Palin] had something of a polarizing effect when she talked about how small-town values are good,” Powell said. “Well, most of us don’t live in small towns. And I was raised in the South Bronx, and there’s nothing wrong with my value system from the South Bronx.”

You’d think the presidential campaign was about conservatives picking on urbanites. It wasn’t.

Yeah, sure, because all those mocking references to community organizers included the rural ones.  Ruben, have you been living under a fucking rock the past couple decades?  The campaigns are always about picking on urbanites, even when the Dem running isn’t one, they just shift the claim to them being a hollow enabler of Those Evil City Slickers.  There’s a reason why the point of damn near every ad during elections is “I’m just like you”, despite that claim being inherently bunk.

Sure, some Republicans probably made a mistake by using phrases such as “real America” or “real Americans” as a rallying cry for the base. Americans who live in cities might have thought they were being slighted.  But those phrases referred as much to people’s politics and values as it did their zip code. (emphasis mine)

…and here we have the real truth.  It’s about agreeing with the self-appointed spokespeople for Das Volk, who hold their position despite there not being agreement as to what the hell that means.  If you happen to be from a small town but hold distinct opinions you just don’t count.

I live in a city with a population of more than a million people and I never thought the GOP singled me out as not being a “real American.”

You live in California & you’re not white.  It’s not like they’re going to call you out by name, you’re just “other” to them.  That’s the whole point of these cultural divide & conquer games, just being yourself is unacceptable.

After Powell attacked Palin, one of the governor’s most vocal defenders, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, returned the favor by attacking Powell.

“What is this hatred for conservatives and small-town people and Sarah Palin?” Limbaugh asked on his radio show. “I know a lot of people that are from the Bronx, Gen. Powell, and if you think the values there in the Bronx today reflect the ones you grew up with, take a trip back and see if the street corners and the activities there are the same as when you were growing up.”

Limbaugh got it. When people use phrases such as “small-town values,” it’s as much about time as it is place. The idea isn’t that people who live in small towns have better values than people who live in cities. It’s simply an attempt to recall, with nostalgia, what life was like when more Americans lived in small towns.

This is to legitimize pipe dreams.  Whether or not “the past” was so great depended highly on where you were, who you were, & who you knew at the time.  This tends to be conveniently forgotten because age biases people favorably to a period where they could ignore their mortality.  Besides, considering Colin Powell’s age it says nothing to say that he wouldn’t recognize the 21st Century Bronx compared to circa 1954 (the year he graduated high school).

Regardless of where we came from, we’re not them & they aren’t us.  Anyone seeing themself in a politican, whether they grew up in Brooklyn or Brooklyn, is delusional.  What’s to say there aren’t people in both towns that think most of their neighbors are idiots?


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