Funny, I don't recall eating any mushrooms…

Had a dream last night so odd it had to be shared with somebody:

Me & my brother were coming back from a pet store with a mouse (something we’d never ever ever do).  For some reason, while it was loose one of us spit on the ground.  The mouse touched it and magically (I think) morphed into a horse-like creature — looked kinda like a cross between a unicorn & a zebra, but with a fur on its neck that looked like lion mane.  It called for me to hop on for a ride, and I did, and we exited through the window instead of the door (why?).

I’m riding along happily on my mythical creature, when I pass through a rough section of town.  There’s some girls out in the middle of the street arguing, like they’re going to fight, except they’re all dressed like strippers and in perfect shape.  I ride just past the crowd, stop, hop off, walk up behind a couple of them, fondle both their asses, then resume my riding.  They apparently thought nothing strange about any of that, as they resumed arguing and escalated to slapping each other and pulling hair instead of, y’know, wondering WTF that animal was or reacting to being groped so deliberately.

Next thing you know, I’m in the mall, galloping along.  Some people start shouting stuff at me as I go by, so I circle around, whip out a sword & start chopping their heads off — and absorbing their energy like Highlander.

The entire time I’m doing this, a constant piano loop is playing in my head that lies somewhere between the Peanuts TV theme & the kind of thing Madlib would sample off a Galt McDermot album.  When it stops, I wake up.

Somebody please explain this…


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Left-libertarian blogger & occasional musician.
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2 Responses to Funny, I don't recall eating any mushrooms…

  1. Tell you what, sounds to me like your late overindulgence in the politik is now giving way to the psycho. I recommend a 12-hour session with the 909 and the 303 as therapy. Call me in the morning.

  2. vache folle says:

    The mouse turned steed symbolizes transformation as in the Cinderella story, but it is really your transformation into the kind of guy who fondles asses and decapitates mallgoers. The fighting women are really fighting over you, and they continue because you did not choose between them but fondled them both. The mallgoers represent mallgoers whop deserve to be decapitated.

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