Ends, Means, & (G)liberalism

Shorter Krugman: “Constant states of damn-near-war are good.  Y’know, for ‘progressive’ reasons…”

Yes, let’s ignore the corporatism (the residual effects of which are still with us today), the justification of pretty much everything in the name of Big Security (ditto), & all those dead people from the proxy wars.  People bought more shit, so it was all good.

This isn’t to say he’s wrong on the pure economics.  WW2 & its aftermath did end up boosting the US economy, largely because during the war we adopted fascism with a different flag & the infrastructure of much of the rest of the world went kablooey.  The question is why the fuck anyone remotely considered “Left-wing” would co-sign that, & openly see it as a model to follow for current economic matters.


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