Cause and effect

A Shoegate update:

An Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at George Bush has publicly apologised and asked the Iraqi prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, to forgive him, Iraqi officials said today.

Muntazer al-Zaidi said in a letter that his “big ugly act cannot be excused,” said Yasin Majeed, Maliki’s media adviser.

In a plea for clemency, Zaidi added: “I remember in the summer of 2005, I interviewed your excellency and you told me, ‘Come in, this is your house.’ And so I appeal to your fatherly feelings to forgive me.”

Gee, I wonder why the change of heart?

Zaidi’s family says he suffered a broken arm and other severe injuries after he was dragged away struggling and screaming by Iraqi security officers and US secret service agents. They say he is in hospital in the heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad. (emphasis mine)

Note the “other severe injuries” mention.  The broken arm I can understand.  Literally being dragged away struggling can result in that kind of thing: if someone is holding your arm and you’re wriggling around, it’s entirely possible to injure it mid-writhe.  However, “other severe injuries” suggests, in my mind at least, only one thing: the agents that grabbed him repeatedly showed the regional mark of disrespect, at accelerated speeds, to Zaidi’s ass.


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