Hookers > Golddiggers

The Blago scandal amuses me.

Yes, his blatantness about selling the open Senate seat is a laugh, and his seeming self delusion (“Don’t wanna gimme nothin?  Fuck you!  I’ll appoint myself!  Then it’s BLAGO 2016 BITCHES!!!”) made me chuckle.  But the true punchline, IMO, is how little real difference there is between what he did and what usually happens w/ little complaint.

So he used his power as a bargaining chip to get favors — and?  The campaign contribution lists of congressmen don’t read like a Who’s Who of rent-seekers extraordinaire?  Lobbyists don’t come and go through a revolving door?  Shit, have you seen how much it costs to run for office in the first place?

In the eyes of the political elite, Blago’s true offense wasn’t soliciting favors.  It was admitting that that’s what he was doing.

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