Lesson learned?

Sportscenter led off a moment ago w/ the story on Plaxico Burress accidently shooting himself at some NY club.  The bit had a clip of Mike Bloomberg giving the standard politically-advantageous rage-face.  Curiously, his riot act included a line about how Burress, as a public figure & (blargh…) role model, set a bad example for Teh Kiddies.

For the moment, leave aside Bloomberg’s obvious — and clearly bullshit — insinuation that only people with badges can be trusted with firearms.  It’s so clear that in both directions that claim is wrong that it’s not worth going into again.  That line though…Maybe I’m just weird, but I’d think since the only reason anyone knew he had that gun was that he shot himself with it that the net effect would be to discourage the impressionable from sticking guns down their pants.


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