D.L. Hughley, re: Prop 8 in California:

If what he meant by this quote…

“I’m not particularly homophobic, but when I read the bill, the way it was written, it was a) a little confusing when I read it, it asked me to make a decision that I couldn’t quantify on the ballot. I can’t for whatever reasons, is it my religious upbringing, I don’t condone the gay lifestyle, but I also don’t condone the government being involved in two people’s affairs. So there was no place for me to vote and I think a lot of black people that I talked to found themselves in that same quandary.”

…was that there should’ve been a 3rd option on the ballot of “Regardless of my own view of homosexuality, I object to the involvement of government at any level in sanctioning or rejecting relationships, whether gay or straight”, then he has a point.

If not, then I’m confused as to WTF he would’ve meant otherwise, and suspect it made no sense.



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One Response to If-Then

  1. No surprise there. People who make sense generally aren’t allowed on television.

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