If irony were currency we'd all be rich

Radley mentioning the “national service” garbage that Obama & his future Chief of Staff love reminds me of how during his campaign so much of the organization was decentralized & volunteer-based.  Since I have an unfortunate habit of reading blogs and then clicking through to another one through their links and another one and another ad nauseum, at times it seemed like, despite there being roughly only 6 billion people on the face of the earth, there were 7 billion liberal blogger members of the Army of Hope.  That kind of massive networking for a goal, and it’s repaid by effectively branding them — and, of course, the rest of us — lazy slackers who need a government gun to our heads in order to amount to anything?

Question: could you imagine what could be done if the same kind of effort that goes into this stuff every couple years were used outside of the assumed “only game in town” of the State?


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