Final pre-election thought. Yes, singular.

What exactly is going to talk about until the next one?

Edit: mkay, I lied.  I blame gay marriage Balko:

The Politico polls Obama insiders and comes up with a list of possible nominees for cabinet secretaries and top-level advisors.

What’s interesting is that despite Obama’s campaign talk of revolutionary change, with few exceptions, the Politico list looks like a markedly un-radical list of establishment Democrats and moderate Republicans.

It surprises you that an un-radical establishment Democrat has an un-radical establishment backbench?  Seriously?

It’s been obvious from the jump the reason for the “change” theme.  The appeal is anger at the past 8 years, focusing the rage for short-term political gain without any questioning of what Bushism MEANT.  For every actual radical of some sort (most of whom don’t vote anyway), there are several people whose political views are relatively shallow for all the bluster they can manage.  This weather vane bloc is pointing in the favor of Democrats simply because the suckitude of recent times is associated with Republican rule (never mind that a scroll through Henley’s place or Casa de Greenwald would show documentation that Democrats bent over for much of the worst when they could’ve easily obstructed it).   That with rare exception the policies pursued have a philosophy behind them that’s universally accepted in D.C. regardless of party and the decades of precedent to back it up doesn’t register, because questioning foundations is icky.

By definition, no politician with any chance whatsoever of achieving power could be able to say of themselves “I come not to save politics as we know it, but to bury it”.  Like I’ve said before, frankly for all the fuss from the right-wing I wish they did have reason to fear the guy.


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