The closest thing to live-blogging the debate I feel like doing

The next time someone brings up taxes without acknowledging that a) the capital gains rate is lower than the income rate & b) many people pay more on payroll than income anyway, I’mma slap somebody.

Is this a debate, or a talking points exhibition?

Memo to Biden: griping about gas prices without the context of watering down the dollar is automatically fail.

LOL @ Palin openly admitting she didn’t answer that bailout question, and skipping back to energy when that wasn’t the topic.

“Creating jobs”…enough broken windows.

I’m going to just go ahead and say this: IMO, Alaska is basically the US equivalent of Qatar.  That’s not a compliment.

How ’bout not letting oil companies write foreign policy?  That’d help clean energy way more than ading subsidies on top of subsidies the other way.

Who’s “Senator O’Biden”?

“In marriage, the two become one, and that one is the husband.”  That used to be “traditional”.  STFU.

What part of “what consenting adults do is none of your business” do you not understand?

If people understood that cutting war funding wouldn’t = troops milling about unarmed being shot, then they’d be “yay cutting funding!”.  Unfortunately, most don’t.

Who is there to surrender to?  Saddam’s dead, they have another government, LEAVE!

Next question should be: “Would you remove the military bases in Iraq then?”  Answer is obviously no, but I would’ve liked to hear it.

Wow, Joe, you’re quite the idiot since you thought the war endorsement made sense in the first place.

I should get a button made saying “I support destabilization”.

Ever heard of “reverse psychology”, Sarah?  US troops in Iraq is great PR for jihadis, of course they want them to stay!

“Turn the lights out, and Bush & Castro aren’t much different” – my mother, a moment ago.

What’s been done wrong w/r/t involvement in Israel?  Simple: involvement in Israel.

BTW: It’s pronounced “New-clear”.

Biden pointing out Hamas winning elections: good, now apply this logic to Iraq…

Is Gwen eating inbetween questions?  I hope so, she might as well…

Again: It’s pronounced “New-Clear” you empty-headed yokel!!

Mom suspects cheating.

We have enough nukes to destroy the whole planet at least 4 times.

Harmony Through Vigorous Bombings.  Brilliant!

“You supported the war, now you oppose it”…Palin doesn’t realize it, but she unintentionally made a good point.  One she doesn’t agree with, obviously, but a point.

Shorter Biden on the Iraq war: “I took it in the ass, please love me for it”.

This idol worship of anyone with the title “General” makes me want to kick puppies.

Will no one ever define middle-class when they smack it for platitudes?

You can’t simultaneously ding the “create jobs” talking point and claim to get out of people’s way.  The root of such a belief is that the State can conjure things up from nothing w/ no ill effects.  My wallet says otherwise.

How’d someone that sounds like Sarah not become a kindergarten teacher?

You misheard him, he said “I can’t wait to go to bed with you”.

“Change, change, change”…reminds me of that South Park episode about treating the poor like zombies.

Biden apparently doesn’t realize the real reason he was picked.

Fuck folksiness.  Fuck exceptionalism.

Hey, “Track”!  She shouted out her kid!

Goddamn, we sure do love sitting at the kitchen table!   Not me, I’ve only sat at it three times since we bought it, and one of those times I was stoned.  It’s too uncomfortable.

She dissed the GOP-led congress of 2000-’06.  Somewhere, a right-wing pundit is considering whether to call her a traitor or resume masturbating.

Technically isn’t the whole point of the Supreme Court that they can disagree with popular sentiment?  I do believe Biden just accidently said the truth, that beyond agreement with ones own views no one gives a fuck.  Good thing I don’t care anymore.

For all the talk about Biden crip-walking on Palin’s skull in this, both of them largely spoke in circles.

New drinking game rule: everytime a GOP candidate quotes Reagan, you have to chug as much of the liquor as possible without taking a breath.

Did your dad tell you to piss lightning and crap thunder?

I nominate IOZ to moderate the next prez debate.  Next time I consider doing this, offer to buy me a drink in exchange for abstaining.

Aftershow: Chris Matthews is in heat.  Maddow likes to state the obvious.  Buchanen likes that Sarah’s husband considered a secessionist movement awhile back, and apparently wants to get some Viagra.

I wonder if when Sarah was winking she realized a lesbian was in attendence…

Heh…it sounded like in the commercial T. Boone said “deeper in the ho”.  /beavis.

If David Broder writes that getting stung by hornets hurts, one would be inclined to go slap the nearest hive just in case.  Chris looks like he’s been in a tanning bed recently.


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