Buyer's Remorse

Matt Yglesias stumbles into an interesting If-Then formulation: If the Democrats support the coming trillion-dollar bailout plan & coronation of King Paulson, Then he’d take that as proof that maybe us anti-state, radical pox-on-it-all yahoos were correct all along.

I won’t gloat.  Gloating would take up valueable time that could be spent learning to brew my own beer so I won’t have to pay billions for it during the last stage of the monetary death spiral.


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One Response to Buyer's Remorse

  1. apps says:

    Now I’m all for putting out the barn fire before we diagnose the weakness in the barn, but jesus-H.

    This is a wholesale gov’t take-over of the US markets. Hank Paulson would be the ace number one hedge fund manager in the history of the world.

    What the fuck it is that?

    I stand with you, b, in recognizing this insanity.

    In a crazy credit situation, the best response they (the state) can come up with is a wholesale usurpation of the markets?

    I pine for the days, you know a few weeks ago, of the free market…

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