Bringing a bazooka to a playful slap fight

Barack “uppity liberal elitist hippie peacenik secret-radical muslim” Obama, from an excerpt of an interview with Bill O’Really to be played in full later:

“Look, look here’s where you and I agree. It’s unacceptable for Iran to possess a nuclear weapon. It would be a game changer and I’ve said that repeatedly.”

Three possible meanings for that description:

1) If “game changer” = “would make invasion go from being a merely stupid and dangerous idea to a REALLY stupid and dangerous idea”, then of course.  But that’s two tears in the Atlantic.

2) if “game changer” = “concern for Israel”, it begs the question of why that is somehow our issue.

3)  If “game changer” = “serious threat to the US”, you’re full of shit.



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