If it ain't broke…

So Google has a browser now.  I’ve been just fine with Firefox thus far, but I keep up with this kind of stuff in the background.  Thought to myself “Hmm, maybe I’ll download this ‘Chrome’ later, give it a whirl”.

Then, I check my email…

I’m on lists for some tech sites like Cnet, ZDnet & PCworld, so I get email digests w/ links to their articles.  First one brags about Chrome’s speed handling Javascript.  My own experience with Java has largely consisted of broken scripts, page hangs, unnecessary wasting of CPU & memory, and the constant stream of Updates That Accomplish Nothing, w/ the only benefit I can recall being the occasional little web game.  Much as the speed sounds nice, it’s not like Google can fix bad site coding.  I’m at “eh”.

Second one?  Oh, just a DoS security hole

Security is the main reason I switched from IE forever ago.  I’ll pass.


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3 Responses to If it ain't broke…

  1. Mike says:

    Java != javascript, which is also known as ECMAscript.

    You hardly see Java around in client-side web apps any more, though there’s still plenty of it being used for server-based web apps and other things. Javascript is ubiquitous, though. All of Google’s online apps make extensive use of it, and even your site here has javascript code embedded to make WordPress and things like Google Analytics work for you.

    That said, Chrome needs a good thrashing-out before I’d consider switching from FF3.

  2. b psycho says:

    They should rename Javascript then so as to avoid that confusion. I was thinking it was related to Java like C# was related to C++.

  3. Mike says:

    It’s been causing confusion for years, and will continue to do so… but now you know! Both of them are fine languages in their respective domains.

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