Fail, anyone?

In a previous post about U.S. bank failures, I expressed puzzlement at the quoted number of crapouts.  Thanks to Black Bloke, a convenient list has been brought to our attention.  Note that 10 so far have failed this year alone…

Anyone else think a monetary-themed Fail image would be appropriate?  Maybe a picture of one of the closed banks, or of someone standing by the door thinking “WTF?” w/ a short comment about the absurdity of a bank failing at having money?  Basically, a financial version of one of these is what I’m talking about:

fail owned pwned pictures

Feel free to correct me if one has already been done.

Edit 090108: No bank fail image as of yet, but Mike points to this artistic rendering of another key to the current clusterfuck:


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4 Responses to Fail, anyone?

  1. apps says:

    hey, you ever listen to the Ramones?

    I think you might get their sarcasm of life.

    “This Business is Killing Me” is a song I think you might appreciate.

  2. b psycho says:

    I tried to once, but I couldn’t understand WTF they were saying.

  3. apps says:


    I’m no touter, but thats some major weak-sause.

  4. Mike says:

    You might start with the “Helicopter Ben” image here:

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