Paging Jim Gaffigan…

“New Plastic flavor HOT POCKETS!!”

Yeah, I know that means jack shit, I just found it funny.  Anything to ignore the 24-hour establishment love-ins going on.  Only thing I’ll say about the current “news” is that my 2nd choice after Richardson (which would fulfill Dave Chappele’s thing about the first black president picking a latino as “insurance”) was Tim Kaine, if only because when people say “Obama-Kaine” it sounds like a new street drug.  Now back to my regularly scheduled not giving a fuck…


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3 Responses to Paging Jim Gaffigan…

  1. apps says:

    Kain would be doubling down on inexperience.

    not withstanding what his awesome drug sounding name would bring to the ticket.

    Just wondering, you ever watch Psych on USA?

    Something tells me it appeals to your sense of humor.

    I’ve booked you, and I’ll get back at you, weather you like it or not!

    All the said, what up b?

    Hope you’re doing well…

  2. b psycho says:

    Yeah, I watch it sometimes.

    I heard you guys’ forum caught the AIDS recently. That ever get straightened out? BTW: I’m curious, how exactly did you find this site?

  3. apps says:

    I stopped posting at KTL like months ago, prior to the complete destruction of said place, but I tried to go there the other day, and just a few weeks after week decided to investigate, google style.

    I hit a couple of sites that explained why, and came across your deal, knew who was you, and just posted the other day.

    Such a cyber-sleuth, I know…

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