If only you knew the half of the half, bruh…

In the middle of a filler piece from Reuters on what the upcoming election means for “patriotism” came the following double whopper with cheese:

Obama would be the country’s first black president and as such faces an extra hurdle as he attempts to persuade voters.

There is a historic suspicion that African Americans are less patriotic,” [University of North Carolina history professor Richard] Kohn said.

Black Americans have fought in all the country’s wars but their loyalty has been questioned because many black leaders have criticized U.S. policies on race and some whites assume historic discrimination against them, which includes slavery, would have undermined their commitment to U.S. ideals. (emphasis mine)

Lemme get this straight: acknowledging the fact that, on a historical scale, it was relatively recent that blacks were seen as normal human beings, and prior to that many of the same people who spoke so elequently about the rights of man defended the racial status quo tighter than a Gary Payton era Sonics halfcourt-trap, “some whites” are SURPRISED that warming to the “mainstream” takes so long?  And Reuters needed to consult a college professor to confirm their fear?

If I roll my eyes any harder, they’re going to fall right the fuck out of my head.


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3 Responses to If only you knew the half of the half, bruh…

  1. Mike says:

    Patriotism… loyalty… slavery… citizenship… to be honest, lately it seems harder and harder to draw the lines separating these things. It’s kind of a pity that Black America’s candidate is such a white boy. Put someone like his pastor in his place who would stand up and say “Damn right we’re not loyal: we hate your fucking guts!” and maybe a dynamic for really actualizing “change” would be set up.

  2. apps says:

    you’all just don’t get white people.

    for the record, *white people* stated trusting the more mocha among us around Korea (ie late 50s.) that’s when we equipped our *brothers* with guns.

    Since that time, you can be sure we were equals, at least in combat, because we white folk handed out bullets as well. Racism, Bigotry, double standards, yes, they all existed, but at the core of it, once we armed blacks in the 50’s, seperate but equal, well it kinda became obsolete.

    I’ve been barking about the Korean War being the most significant event in the Civil Rights movement for years, but no on listens.

    They all want to talk about MLK and Malcom X.

    They don’t realize Charlie Rangle is ultimately more important than them. He was a rifleman, they were talkers.

    In that era, if you want to get a white man on the side of the *negros,* you shoot communist Chinese.

    And thats what they did. The civil rights movement was an extension of the black soldiers that killed communists in Korea, I will always believe that.

    Look at it from a white perspective, here we got true patriots, willing to fight and kill for the US, these are warriors for democracy.

    White people need to support them.

    it flowed from that.

  3. b psycho says:

    In that era, if you want to get a white man on the side of the *negros,* you shoot communist Chinese.

    So teaming up against a 3rd group is the key. Suppose you don’t want to?

    Mike: I’ve long felt that the ideal response attitude towards this kind of crap was “yeah, sure, keep questioning us and see where that leads you. Be thankful we go along as much as we do now”. There’s an undercurrent of denial going on of just how much shit has been shoveled.

    I kinda chuckle at it to be honest, because their criticism practically BEGS to backfire. If these racially cowering types had half a brain in their heads they’d realize that a minority that concludes they’ll never get respect anyway so fuck it is infinitely worse for them than one that merely says something they don’t like on occasion. Luckily they’re dying off, all I gotta say to that is “faster, please”.

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