Jake Sullum, re: the “America is getting too mixed!” crowd:

We’ve become so accustomed to this arbitrary definition of “ethnic and racial minorities” that it’s easy to lose sight of how bizarre it is. Is there a single objective criterion that unites these particular ethnic and racial minorities while distinguishing them from all the excluded groups? Is there any rational reason why a descendant of Spaniards, say, should count as a real minority, whether or not his ancestors spent time in Latin America, while a descendant of Italians does not?

How quickly people forget those “no dogs, blacks or irish allowed” signs…


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One Response to Indeed

  1. Vache Folle says:

    I agree. Italians should be considered a minority. In fact, I so consider them. They are often just as swarthy as Spaniards, even swarthier at times, and they have strange food and customs. They tend to be Catholic instead of good old American Protestant.

    Irish, too. They may not be swarthy, but they sure are different. A lot of them pass for regular Americans, though, so we’d need some kind of badge.

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