A bite from the Tree of Stupid

Submitted with minimal comment:

A Christian fundamentalist group is praying for a deluge to drown out Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention in two weeks’ time.

Focus on the Family is asking for “abundant, torrential” downpours to flood Denver and silence Senator Obama when he accepts the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination on August 28.

“Would it be wrong to ask people to pray for rain of Biblical proportins,” asks an umbrella wielding Stuard Shepard in a video put out by the ultra conservative evangelical group. He asks for the rain to start “two minutes before the acceptance speech begins.”

It must be tiring to sustain such irrational fear, especially when you consider how obviously little shift if any could realistically come of Obama as president.  That groups’ slogan might as well be “my brain hurts”.

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One Response to A bite from the Tree of Stupid

  1. vache folle says:

    It would be very wrong to ask people to pray for a flood in Denver. You’d be asking them (a) to waste their time, and (b) assume an attitiude of douchebaggery. If God wants a flood in Denver, there’ll be one and no amount of praying is going to have any influence at all. Everything was set down from the beginning of time.

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