Normalcy abounds

If you’re reading this, the world has not ended:

The cost remains high, and a good lawyer is essential. Yet despite complications, the idea of becoming a biological dad with help from a surrogate mother is gaining allure among gay men as the status of “married with children” grows ever more possible.

With same-sex marriage now legal in California even to nonresidents, and Massachusetts extending its 4-year-old gay-marriage policy to out-of-staters, in-wedlock parenting is suddenly a realistic option for gays and lesbians nationwide, even if their home state won’t recognize the union.

Fertility clinics and surrogacy programs report increased interest from gay men, while couples who already have children are getting married — or considering it — to provide more security for those kids. (emphasis mine)

Gee, that sounds rather…conventional, doesn’t it?

So despite the mass soiling of pants among the Right, and talk of deviancy and undermining the “tradition”, in fact gays are embracing it more than most of us straight folk.  Open gays are settling down and starting families, meanwhile republican congressmen are trolling airport toilets and chat rooms for random sex opportunities.  I’ve long held a belief concerning the War on Drugs that there was an element among statists who smoked and snorted their way to Mars in secret and merely didn’t want the taboo associated with doing so yanked away (for their own pleasure), now it seems it wouldn’t be far-fetched to suspect the same of anti-gay politics.  See, when the popular image of homosexuality fails to match the reckless stereotype they’ve been offering, then the operative question with future scandals will be their lack of tact, and not who they happen to be doing whatever with.  More directly, when gays are accepted to such a degree, where are America’s sexual hypocrites going to get a date?


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One Response to Normalcy abounds

  1. Mike says:

    Poor the hypocrites… let’s hope they die off…

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