Brain Sludge

-Trivia question no one seems to ask: Who invented pole dancing?  “Exotic dancing” itself has been around forever, with variations from burlesque to belly-dancing, but it doesn’t seem clear who first thought “maybe if we put a pole on stage…”.

-I’ve always felt the stereotype of old drivers going too slow was an odd one.  Technically, due to their age they have less time left, so they should really be in more of a hurry.  Imagine if old folks were the speed demons and young people drove at crawl speed…

-A few days ago was getting syrup for waffles, noticed something amusing: other than the all-natural maple kind (which was beyond my budget, sadly), they all had as their main ingredient high-fructose corn syrup…except for the diet kind.  Yet the label on the low-cal syrup said in prominent letters “sugar free!”.  It is sugar-free, but so are all the other ones.  Times like this I get the feeling a day will come where the only thing at the grocery store that doesn’t have high-fructose corn syrup in it will be the bottles labeled “corn syrup”.

-I wonder how popular the iPhone is with drug dealers…

-This came to mind while watching Anderson Silva whoop ass last Saturday: these are human beings we’re talking about, and people tend to have excess gases in them, so it’s inevitable that somewhere along the line someone has been punched in the face such that they fart as they go down.  Hell, when it comes to the ground holds, there’s probably at least ONE MMA’er that deliberately eats gassy food before the fight for a silent but deadly advantage in their ground game, or at least has tried it.


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